Kevin Arteaga DVM, MSc, Manuela Crasta DVM, PhD, Dipl ECVO



To describe the use of direct‐contact diode laser as a new treatment for distichiasis.

Study design

Case report.


A 2‐month‐old Italian Friesian calf with bilateral excessive tearing and corneal opacification was presented to the Visionvet Eye Clinic. Abnormalities on ophthalmic examination included epiphora, seromucous discharge, bilateral distichiasis and secondary chronic keratitis affecting both eyes.


Distichiae were surgically removed after insertion of the 810‐nm diode laser tip into the associated meibomian gland.


Clinical signs gradually improved postoperatively with minimal and transient post‐operative complications. Ophthalmic examination was within normal limits 6 months later beyond distichiae.


Treatment of distichiasis with direct‐contact 810‐nm diode laser resulted in long‐term resolution of signs in the case described here.


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