The Clinic

The best welcome

Free car park

We have dedicated free parking inside the clinic. Take your pet for a relaxing walk.

A relaxing environment

around our grounds which include a pond and an orchard.

Waiting room

Spacious and relaxing waiting rooms for you and your pet. With separate areas for cats and dogs.

Coffee Machine

Have a drink while you wait.

Four consulting rooms

fully equipped.

Cutting-edge environmental concepts

  • Rooms with Hepa filtered air conditioning.
  • Vinyl floors, walls and ceilings in the rooms.
  • ‘Deep Clean’ concept for each room, with all removable cabinets.
  • Worktops with curved backsplash.
  • Circular wall lights and retractable tube.
  • Walk-in stainless steel dog cages from America.
  • Plymouth stainless steel cleaning and utility unit. Purchased at the dismantling of the Naval Hospital in 2001.
  • A centralized suction system as seen at the hospital of dr. Joe Wolfer in Toronto, Canada.
  • Pressure gradient chambers. Dedicated areas from the Preparation Room to the corridor.
  • Pressure monitoring room equipped with “ping pong ball air flow indicators”.
  • Service compartments in the ceiling plenums of the rooms for power outlets, pull-out medical glasses, which minimize the risk of tripping, as in the RSPCA hospitals in Bristol and Chelsea.
  • Underfloor heating via hot water pipes for the rooms, which provides “clean heat”.

Top materials and safety

  • The microscope camera monitors and fire resistant window prevent the room from being isolated from examination rooms. The room can be darkened with health and safety curtains when using lasers.ù
  • Departments for dogs with underfloor heating and sloping floors for kennels equipped with ACO-drain slides.
  • The eye pathology room is equipped with a high air extraction system on the wet tissue cutting table for health and safety reasons.
  • Imaging room with solid concrete block exterior walls and lead cladding behind power outlets.
  • Integrated elevator shaft for future compliance with building regulations.
  • Conference room with open space for our veterinarians, nurses and administrative staff. The room can accommodate over 30 people for meetings.
  • View of the reception from the staff room on the first floor and from the administration office.
  • High ceilings in the reception area.
  • Top rail systems throughout the hospital, such as at Thomas & Guys Hospital in London.
  • Plant shelves equipped with safety wire, such as in hotels in Canada and at Glasgow airport.
  • Box dedicated to the examination of equines for examinations in a completely dark environment, with non-slip rubber mat.

The official announcement of the inauguration on the AniCura website